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The graphic design and overall feel of your site are what make a first impression. The artistic presentation, site architecture, and overall aesthetic quality of your web site are among the most critical factors. NJ Access's design team understands that your success online is dependent on our ability to know. Our team of professionals will work with you to learn and help you develop:

  • The objectives of your web site
  • The demographics that you are appealing to
  • Your corporate identity
  • Your competition
  • What media will catalyze the emotions that you want to convey
The Creative Process
To create your solution, NJ Access will utilize the industry's top talent combined with an innovative, five-stage development process. This allows you to maintain maximum control and input throughout the development process.
Phase I: Discovery: A series of consultations in which we assess your target audience, online goals, current marketing program, corporate identity and your online competition. These dialogues with you allow us to develop a preliminary requirements document for the project.

Phase II: Content Assessment: During the assessment of your content, we work with you to collect the actual text that will be included in the site. Phase II ensures the interface we develop matches the quantity and type of information that will be displayed.

Phase III: Information Architecture: Utilizing the data collected in initial phases, we are now able to complete your project deliverables by developing a finalized "site map" designed to allow your users easy access to all areas of the site.

Phase IV: Interface Development Cycle: With all the information collected at the start of the development process, our team can now develop the new interface. This allows you to work directly with your project manager to act as the creative director on the development of your site.

Phase V: Content Integration: In the final phase, the graphic user interface is combined with the content to produce a final completed product. This phase includes a fine-tuning and quality assurance process to provide you with the level of perfection that you require.

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